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What kind of stealth cameras are there?


Stealth Camera | Pinhole camera complete set of equipment, there will be pinhole-type camera, signal transmitter and signal receiver, some advanced point will also have pinhole lens remote controller.

At the time of installation, only first, put the pinhole camera in your predetermined position;

Second, the placement of the signal transmitter, depending on the wired wireless is different; wired pinhole camera, only need to pull the line to the good; wireless pinhole camera, to see whether the camera can emit wireless signal (generally can be), but also to see if the launch distance is just right, if, too far, a signal repeater, or signal amplifier, is used to relay the signal in order to transmit farther distances; Note that these pinhole cameras and signal transmitters can all be placed in a more secluded place. , otherwise, it short.

Third, is to receive the signal to watch, wired pinhole camera connected to the TV can be directly seen, the wireless pinhole camera, need a signal receiver, and then linked with the link with the monitor, you can see the screen.

Although there are many kinds of pinhole cameras, these are roughly the steps. By the way, forget to describe all kinds of camouflage pinhole camera, but since it is camouflage, in advance has been installed the camera, only to receive reception with the wireless signal receiver.

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